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    Being an ADULT
    This website and others within this Network (except the Teens Site - which is for 13-19 years inclusive) is for adults only. For the purposes of this site and the law, an adult is someone who has attained the maturity of their age and the age at which a person may by law assume the rights and responsibilities of an adult. You should be familiar with the law in the place where you live. Contact a legal advisor in your area if you are unsure. 
       By entering this site, You ASSERT THAT you: 
    • You are at least 18 years of age. 
    • Are of legal age to access adult material in the place you live. 
    • Are totally responsible for your own actions whilst browsing this site, 
    • and it must be legal for you to access adult material in the place where you live.
    The photographs on the ads on this site are fully clothed.

    A - Register Go to the JOIN page. Fill out the details correctly - particularly your email address! 

    B - Confirm The email you receive gives your username and password and an important sequence number you need to validate your membership. Follow the instructions and use this once to confirm your membership. Keep this email.

    C - Log-in and Place your Ad After you have given your personal details, proceed to putting in an ad. The forms are short and simple. All ads have to be approved. Fill out All of the fields on the ad form. Your real name, address and email is for our records and NOT SEEN on your ad. If you don't fill in this correctly, or you fabricate a name or address, your registration may be rejected. 

         No identifying info (email address, ICQ#) is acceptable IN the body of your ad. 
    Your email address is not permitted. We are skilled at checking for and detecting these in many different formats. This is to protect privacy and prevent malicious use of the ad, so please respect this. While explicit wording is acceptable, we expect common sense to prevail. Abusive and insulting comments about others are unacceptable. NO advertising of websites, businesses, clubs, services or social groups is permitted.

    Ad Types Ads come under two broad divisions
    SINGLES  - straight, kinky, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, hetero, kinky, fetish.
    COUPLES  - swingers, hetero,  gay couples, lesbian couples. 
    You don't need to be married, but dual membership counts as one. If you are married or in a long-term relationship, and want an affair you MUST say so. We believe honesty is the best policy. 
    There are multiple categories:
    BDSM, Big Beautiful People, Chat Contact List, Couples Seeking, CuSeeMe/Cams, Disability, E-Pals, Erotic Mail, Exhibitionists, Fetish, Group Seeking, Married Personals, Men Seeking, Miscellaneous Penpals, Photography, Poly Personals, Seniors, Trans Seeking, Travellers, Women Seeking.

    Replying to Ads  When you reply to an ad, your email address is given to the recipient so they can reply to you. The Ad Holders email address is hidden. 

    You may have TWO photos on your ad. 
    Photographs are fully clothed, facial or full body shots. No nudity (partial or full) will be accepted. 
    Sending Photos 
    After your ad has been approved, send photo along with your User_ID AND Ad_ID numbers and your name. Send by email attachment or regular post. The email with the photos must be sent from your registered email address. Send images in JPEG/ JPG format. They will be uploaded by the Webmaster. If you are unable to scan photos, we can scan them for $5 (max of 4 photos). Send money by Postal Money Order to the address below. Include a SASE (self addressed and stamped envelope) if you want your photos back. The Postal address for correspondence and photos :
    The Personals Network™ PO Box 1223, Caboolture Queensland, AUSTRALIA  4510
    We comply with the The Online Services Bill 1999 and the Privacy Act 1988 and recent amendments which aim at safeguarding your personal information. You will never be spammed by us with advertisements via email or to your postal address. We do reserve the right to send email if something important occurs or we need to contact you about your membership. 
    Your Membership Profile 
    When you first enter the site, you are placed in the care of a carefully designed program that will take you through the steps of placing a membership profile. Be careful to ensure you answer all the questions correctly and honestly. Remember, if you go to your local football, cricket, tennis, (or whatever) club and apply for membership, they want your true and accurate membership details. Much of the information you submit is not displayed. For instance, your first name, surname and address. So make sure the information is correct. Your visible profile is under your control. 
    Getting your Profile Approved
    All memberships are queued for approval by the webmaster. Some memberships are declined for various reasons - primarily incorrect or omitted essential information, such as name or a fabricated address. After your membership is approved, you can reply to Ads and your Ad is visible to others. Ads found to have contact information (like your email address or phone number) in the body of the ad will either be edited or the Ad will be suspended or deleted.
    Commercial exploitation of this site by others will result in legal action. 
    All Contents of this site are Copyright, The Personals Network™ and by the respective advertisers. Members are given conditional permission to use this site for their own personal and private use. 
    The use of this site must be in accordance with the legal obligations and laws applicable in the State of Queensland, Australia at any given time, as well as the rules and regulations posted herein from time to time.
    Entering this site indicates you agree with and will comply with all rules and conditions on this site and your compliance with the laws pertaining to it, both in your own legal juristiction and in the State of Queensland, Australia. 

Copyright 2002, The Personals Network™. All Rights Reserved. 
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