December 2001 - PC User again confirms NOD32 as the world's #1 antivirus program !!!



" In PC User's most recent antivirus tests, only one program provided 100% protection
against all viruses in a very large test set --- NOD32. "

" NOD32 also has effective heuristics to protect against unknown viruses, and the
company is really on the ball with updates. "

" The penalty for thorough scanning is normally a longer scan time, but NOD32
was the fastest as well as the most thorough. "

Is it any wonder we awarded NOD32 as PC User's Best Antivirus Program of 2001 ? "

" NOD32, more than any other program, is simply a must-have !!! "

November 2001 - Virus Bulletin



Eset's NOD32 Antivirus System continues to dominate the antivirus world!

NOD32 set new detection and speed standards by completing all November tests in just 135 seconds ... once again maintaining its unequalled and unbroken record of 100% "In The Wild" virus detection!

Since its first participation in the prestigious Virus Bulletin tests, NOD32 has not misssed a single "In The Wild" virus!

NOD32 is now so far ahead of the pack in virus detection that ordinary scanners will never catch up !!!

NEW NIMDA PANIC HITS AUSTRAIA !!!   ( 14 November 2001 )

Many people who installed the evaluation version of NOD32 from the November Australian PC User cover CD called us over the past few days expressing concern that their Norton AntiVirus had detected a plague of new Nimda virus infections in numerous files (including some other antivirus programs) on their hard drives ... while NOD32 did not detect this virus.

NOD32 doesn't detect this "Nimda plague" because it's a Norton AntiVirus false alarm !!!

Recent virus definition updates provided by Symantec for their Norton AntiVirus software incorrectly flag the InstallShield Professional 6.31 script engine (ikernel.exe) as infected by the W32.Nimda.enc(dr) virus!

InstallShield is used by many software companies to install both their online and hard copy versions. Norton AntiVirus identified these programs as being infected by Nimda, causing a flood of support calls to the affected companies and antivirus software vendors.

Do not attempt to clean these "infected" files, or the installer will no longer work !!!

Click here to read what Mary Landesman ( has to say about these false positives . . .

September 2001 - Virus Bulletin



Virus Bulletin's September 2001 test confirms NOD32's place at the top of the 100% Award winners list!

Analysts noted not only NOD32's detection performance but also the program's overwhelming speed of execution. Based on the results, NOD32 had an Executable File Throughput rate in excess of 5 million B/s, the next best was measured at 2 million B/s, and most of the other competing programs staggered along at less than 800,000 B/s. (As an example, NAI McAfee NetShield tested at approximately 7 times slower while missing 9 viruses and failing to win a 100% award.)

Since its first participation in the prestigious Virus Bulletin tests, NOD32 has not misssed a single "In The Wild" virus!

This unique and unprecedented detection has earned NOD32 a total of 15 Virus Bulletin 100% Awards since May 1998 . . . more than any other antivirus product in the world!

May 2001 - Australian PC User

NOD32 evaluated by Jan Wikström . . . another 100% "clean sweep".

Australian PC User's long-time Technical Editor, Jan Wikström, has been this country's most highly respected computer journalist for over a decade, and the announcement of his recent retirement attracted a flood of mail and email from the army of faithful readers he'd gathered over the years, but the good news is that we haven't lost him completely ... he'll be coming out of retirement every now and then to handle the most important tests and reviews for APCU ... the same tests and reviews which made his name a household word in the Australian computer community.

Here's what Jan had to say about NOD32 in APCU's May 2001 antivirus program test comparison . . . . .


"Easy to install and use, Eset NOD32 comes with fairly strong default protection, yet has the shortest scan time. I found the interface for selecting individual folders to scan a little clumsier than necessary, but the scan when you hover the cursor over a file in Explorer (or select a folder by right-clicking) makes up for that.

The Help file contains all necessary instructions, and it's context-sensitive. There's also a downloadable installation instruction."

"Email protection is complete, scanning incoming and outgoing mail. There was also automatic scanning when opening attachments."

"NOD32 scored 100% in all the Virus Bulletin tests and got the 100% award with no quibbles. It also got praise for excellent speed."

When Jan Wikström says it's the best, you know it's the best!!!

Among the six tested leading antivirus products (Norton AntiVirus, Norman Virus Control, NOD32, AVP Platinum, Command AntiVirus, and McAffee VirusScan), NOD32 received the top marks for both Performance and Speed, becoming the clear winner of the evaluation by the UK independent Consumers' Association.

The official results were published in the November issue of the Computing Which? magazine.


For many, this was not a surprising outcome, as the NOD32 Antivirus System was the only one to detect 100% of the virus samples across all the test sets in the latest round of the Virus Bulletin tests and the only one to detect all "In the Wild" viruses since May 1998.

We've always considered NOD32 a "BEST BUY" . . . now it's official !!!


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