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Legalities. The world seems to run on them and lawyers get fat on them.
This is 'dry' reading but necessary in this litigious society that we are in.

Gaining entry to or gaining membership of The Personals Network™ implies that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions as posted here by The Personals Network™.

Site Rules and Conditions.

The Personals Network is a network of Personals Sites to cater for several groups of people.
As such, there is a duty not only by The Personals Network™ but also by the members to promote and use the facilities in such a way as to give a pleasant experience to other users.

The Sites also cater for a wide age range including juveniles and minors (Teens).
We acknowledge that various countries have various laws regarding the age of minors and adults.

These are the terms and conditions of your use and/or membership of The Personals Network™ Services.

  1. Entering this site or applying for membership of any site in The Personals Network™ must be in compliance with those laws and regulations that you are under the jurisdiction of, as well as the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Queensland, Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia.
  2. In any case that results in legal action involving The Personals Network™ you agree that the laws in the State of Queensland, Australia and the Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia take precedence over any and all other laws in any country or state or territory. Any dispute shall be settled in a court in the State of Queensland, Australia should legal action be initiated.
  3. Applying for membership of, or the use of any of The Personals Network™ websites or services indicates that you indemnify any representative, agent or officer of The Personals Network™ against any action of, or response to, your membership and/or Advertisement in The Personals Network™.
  4. You agree that The Personals Network™, its agents or representatives may revoke membership and/or use of the services of The Personals Network™ at any time with or without notice or due cause on the grounds of perceived harm or offense to either The Personals Network™ or any member or group of members of The Personals Network™. The Personals Network shall have full discretion as to whether full, partial, or no refund of membership fees shall be effected (if applicable).
  5. You are not to deliberately antagonise, offend or abuse any member of The Personals Network™.
  6. You agree that the personals details that you supply to The Personals Network™ are held in confidence by The Personals Network™ and that those details are true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
  7. You acknowledge that you will follow the instructions as placed on various pages on the websites and that such instructions form part of these Rules and Conditions even though they may only apply to that page or section. Such instructions may contradict these rules and conditions, but only for that page or section as indicated in the instruction.
  8. You are not to attack, subvert, deny service to, prevent the use of, or alter any part of The Personals Network™ and you acknowledge that you shall pay such reasonable costs of the results of any such actions should you maliciously or deliberately do so, as well as punitive damages as determined by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia and/or the Commonwealth of Australia.
  9. You are not to use The Personals Network™ for commercial use or to advertise or promote any commercial services or any products without the prior written permission of The Personals Network™.
  10. You are not to use any other persons identity.

Okay - that's it for now. These rules (like any others) are open to change at any time without notice. I am not in the habit of making anything else but fairly straightforward rules and conditions but we do need to make it so we (including members) are as well protected as possible against frivolous legal action.

Good luck and we hope you find whom you seek.

Chris Heart

The Personals Network™


This page last updated on 01 Jan 2006 at 14:03:27 Australian EST.